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Smart Auto Shooting Phone Holder


Sensationalize your smartphone photography with this smart AI gimbal. Get insanely creative GIFs, photos & videos.


  • 360 Infinite Horizontal Rotation Maximize your smartphone camera's capability with Auto-tracking, Smart Capture and 9 Quick Create modes.
  • Object Tracking Built-in Qiming's innovative smart track tracking algorithm,real-time target tracking shooting function,chase the displacement of objects, and automatically capture interesting pictures.
  • Smart Following The camera interface locks on the target, and the PTZ follows the target to complete a variety of scenes shootings. The combination of deep learning and computer vision algorithms makes the follow to be smoother.
  • Facial Tracking Photo Shootings After switching to the face tracking mode, it can automatically recognize your face, wherever you go, it willfollow, allowing you to appear in the C position every second.
  • Simple Operation It has simple interface comparable to a native camera, automatically connected, no registrationrequired, and no complicated tutorials to get started.